Mold Inspection

Mowatt mold removal offers free visual mold inspection and estimate. We will help identify the mold problem and help you decide the best solution.

Mold Testing and Investigation

Mowatt mold removal believes that good mold removal starts from the beginning to the end, we will test at the beginning and the end so you know how much removal was done.

Green Solutions

Mowatt mold removal wants to protect the environment as well as inside your home. We use environmentally friendly solutions. We offer green products like EcoBatt sustainable Insulation and environmentally protective coatings. We want you and us to feel good about the product we use, it’s safe for your home and the environment.

Mold Remediation

The biggest part here at Mowatt mold removal is mold remediation. We will perform the most effective and safest mold removal treatments. So you and your family have the best air quality.

Bacterial Treatments 

Bacterial contamination can also lead to poor air quality and contribute to mold growth. This is often due to rodents getting into the insulation and nesting. We have bacterial treatments also available to help with this kind of situation. We can remove and replace the existing insulation if necessary.