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Green Solutions

Mowatt mold removal wants to protect the environment as well as inside your home. We use environmentally friendly solutions. We offer green products like EcoBatt sustainable Insulation and environmentally protective coatings. We want you and us to feel good about the product we use, it’s safe for your home and the environment. At your request and with your consent, we will remove your existing insulation and replace it with eco-friendly EcoBatt insulation. If you are looking for green initiatives and green home improvement efforts, EcoBatt insulation is perfect.

Unlike standard fiberglass insulation, that is made with toxic materials like formaldehyde and phenol, Ecobatt insulation is completely sustainable and uses renewable, recyclable materials like sand and post-consumer glass bottles. After we install your EcoBatt insulation, you’ll enjoy temperature control, energy savings and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a healthier environment.

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